How to Maximize Internet Speed at Home

Wired vs Wireless Networks at Home? This question comes up everyday.

As a Homeowner Choose Hybrid Wired/Wireless Systems just like Businesses do and here’s why:

If you stream movies, your favorite TV Shows, have online gamers in your house, work from home, then you should definitely be considering Wired Connections in your home.
Streaming one movie can potentially max out your wireless network, then add a kid who is perusing YouTube and Dad streaming sports on an iPhone and you just killed your WiFi.

It’s important for streaming devices-think Smart TVs/Apple TV, game consoles, desktop computers (laptop computers if you don’t need to be mobile), and Cable/Satellite Boxes to have a hard wired connection for internet access.

Leaving you with faster, reliable, and more consistent download speeds (if you’re an Apple user)-no Apple circle of Death.

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