How Installing a Surveillance System Deters Criminals Before You Even Record Anything

Surveillance systems are as much deterrents as they are a reliable way to identify potential shoplifters and other criminals to stop or prosecute them. Installing a surveillance system on your business’ property is the first step toward reducing crime. Even in low-crime areas, shoplifting is still a problem. Install or update your surveillance system and watch your shoplifting problems decline.

Seeing Cameras in Action

When planning surveillance system installation, the experts at Sound Design manage to make the sleek cameras stand out without ruining the store’s décor. You want some your cameras seen. It sends the message to potential shoplifters that they’re being watched and they shouldn’t bother stealing anything. At the same time, we’ll also install some less obvious cameras so anyone brave enough to steal anyway won’t know where to stand to hide from the cameras entirely.

Pasting Warning Signs

At the entryway or cash register, post a notice to go along with your surveillance system that shoplifters will be prosecuted. You might even have some monitors on display behind the counter so potential criminals know they’re being recorded and have little chance of succeeding.

Stopping Vandalism

Put a notice about your security system by the front and back doors and allow us to install outdoor cameras that cover these locations. Vandals who attempt to spray paint buildings or throw rocks through windows are less likely to do so with a complete surveillance system that shines a light and puts a camera on passersby because it’s motion-detecting at night.

Speak with a Sound Design representative about installing a new system on your business’ property today. We have a variety of options to meet a business of any size and with any budget. Let us show you how the simple act of installing the system can prove an effective crime deterrent.

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