Trusting Our Expertise

Anyone can purchase a new audio system. For the top results, it is essential that you turn to an experienced team for your services. Since starting our company in 1991, we have had the pleasure of working with countless members of our community, offering commercial theater installation, surround sound systems, and surveillance system installation services. Our expertise in room design allows us to take your space to the next level. With us on your side, you will create the right audio, video, and data presentation tools. Our services translate into easy integration for spaces of every size.

Upgrade your event space with ease when you turn to our staff. At Sound Design, we enhance the impact and quality of communications through audiovisual tools and solutions. With our custom solutions, you will be able to deliver addresses, present slideshows, and complete any other task with ease. Our goal is to help you create the right facility setup for your unique needs.

The Top Product Options

When you are hosting a meeting or conference, it is essential that your attendees be able to hear and see your presentation. If your audiovisual system is not functioning correctly, your meeting will be a failure before it even begins. Ensure that your function goes off without a hitch when you work with Sound Design for your commercial installation. Our team is here to design and install a setup with the top products available on the market. With us on your side, you will have access to the ideal solution for every space.

Contact us to speak with our staff about your commercial theater installation, surveillance system installation, or to learn more about surround sound systems. Our services are available in Chicagoland and surrounding areas.

Surveillance Systems for Complete Peace of Mind

Safeguard your business with the solutions from Sound Design in Plainfield, Illinois. At our company, we offer clients a series of commercial security systems featuring the top features available. With our collection of surveillance systems and other products, you will enjoy peace of mind that your location is safe from burglars and other outside threats. Work with us today to learn more about our product options and request an installation at your location.

Commercial Security Systems: Safety First

We live in a world of unknowns. While you may live in a safe area, you can never be too prepared. Protect your business from harm when you choose our commercial security systems for your space. At our company, we work with you to customize the right options for businesses of every size. With a new installation from our staff, you will have peace of mind

Whether you are concerned about burglars or another outside threat, it is important to be protected from every potential issue. From security cameras to surveillance systems, we feature a range of product options for businesses everywhere. When you work with our team for your solutions, you can count on us to deliver a leading solution at a competitive price. We are happy to perform a full installation in every room.

Features That Deliver Results

You cannot have your eyes open at all times. In order to monitor every inch of your property, it is essential that you install an extra pair of eyes. With the surveillance options from Sound Design, it will be easier than ever for you to monitor your business. From the front door to the backyard, our products are designed to give you access to any part of the property. Work with us today to choose the right product for your unique needs.

Creating the Right Surveillance Setup

Every location is different. Whether you need to focus on the entryway or the gate of your property, a custom security system will give you a way to monitor any part of your business. To ensure that you and your assets are safe against every threat, our team is happy to help you design the perfect security system. With options like cameras and alarms, you are sure to find the right choice for your specific needs. We are also happy to install and set up your system to work with your surveillance design.

Contact us to speak with us about your options for surveillance systems. Our commercial security systems are available throughout Chicagoland and surrounding areas.

Digital Signage for every business

Digital Signage is not just for restaurant, it can be used in any environment from you lobby, to break rooms and even by elevators. Digital Signage gives you the ability to change the information right at your fingertips. Companies our currently using them to welcome visitors, notify staff of meetings and even to help people around a campus. Consider the advantages of digital signage.

Another added feature is you can update the signage throughout the day to keep people well informed. Unlike a bulletin board you can change it quickly and have more than one message flashing through the display.

Commercial Video

Control all of you video needs right from one location.

Commercial Audio

We are commercial audio specialists. We have expert staff to aid you with a commercial audio system. You have the ability to adjust the volume for each speaker. A commercial system gives you control of your environment. Consider soft light music in a lobby to an energetic sound for a restaurant or bar.

Sound Masking

More and more companies are using sound masking to make a more productive, secure and comfortable work place. Sound masking helps eliminate unobtrusive sound to reduce human speech and reduce distractions. It helps to reduce others being able to hear a conversations and to increase privacy. This is done by increasing ambient sound making it harder to hear conversations across the room.


We offer a variety of cabling options for your home or business. Our expert staff will manage your project for beginning to end. We are committed to providing cabling to fit your current needs; from adding additional network connections or running fiber optic cables. We have the experiences and expertise to support all of your cabling needs.

  • Voice and Data Cabling
  • Fiber Optic
  • Low Voltage
  • Repairs